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Trump will pull out of Iran nuclear deal: Macron

President Trump will pull out of the international agreement that curbed Iran’s nuclear program next month, according to France’s Emmanuel Macron.

The French leader, on a state visit to Trump and the U.S. spoke to American reporters Wednesday after an address to Congress where he warned against the dangers of isolationism.

“My view — I don’t know what your president will decide — is that he will get rid of this deal on his own for domestic reasons,” Macron said, according to multiple outlets.

He added that he had pressed his counterpart to stay in the accord that removed sanctions on Iran in exchange for concessions on its nuclear activities.

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Critics of the deal including Trump, who must certify the arrangement multiple times a year, have said that it is not strict enough in terms of checks and permanent limitations rather than ones that expire.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that his country would likely restart its nuclear program if Trump backs out of the agreement.

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Trump said in January that he was keeping the sanctions relief going for the last time, and asked European allies to help form a new agreement that also touches on Iran’s ballistic missiles.

The topic has been a focal point of Macron’s visit to the U.S., where his speech to Congress with thinly veiled criticism of the President clashed with the fraternity the two men have shown in front of the cameras.

Trump’s homologue has said that the U.S. must remain in the current international agreement, but also used his trip to propose a new one to cover issues including missiles.

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In his talk with reporters, Macron said that despite the short-term political benefits, pulling out of deals that were carefully crafted such as the Iran accord and the Paris climate change pact were “very insane in the medium to long term.”

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