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Stray bullet hits grandma in back of head as teen shoots rival

A Brooklyn grandmother took a stray bullet to the back of the head when a teen gunman opened fire to end a street dispute with another youth, cops and family members said.

Louise Ferdinand fell to the ground bleeding Friday evening after she was shot while walking along busy Flatbush Ave. with her daughter and 3-year-old autistic grandson.

“I hard, ‘Pow! Pow!’” her weeping daughter Felicia Ferdinand, 35, recounted Saturday. “It’s gunshots … I looked over at my mom and she was on the ground. I saw blood and said, ‘Mom, are you shot?’”

Felicia and her cousin Collin Ferdinand helped pull the wounded 62-year-old woman to safety inside a nearby nail salon as the gunfire continued on Flatbush Ave. near Tilden Ave.

“When I heard the shots, I looked around a guy was running toward us holding his chest — and then he fell to the ground,” recalled Collin, 37. “This is terrible.”

Family members initially thought their matriarch was stuck in the check, but doctors said the bullet actually entered in the back of her head before exiting through her face.

Police officers secure the site where a teen and bystander were shot in front of 1005 Flatbush Ave. at Tilden Ave.

(Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News)

Doctors at Kings County Hospital said the prognosis for Louise Ferdinand’s recovery was optimistic, according to her daughter.

The 3-year-old boy was in his stroller and managed to emerge unscathed.

Cops arrested Garrey Walker, 19, at the scene of the shooting and charged the teen suspect with attempted murder, attempted aggravated manslaughter and reckless endangerment.

His target, also 19, was rushed with the same hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest and a graze wound to his cheek, cops said.

The pair were arguing when Walker pulled the gun and opened fire, police said.

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