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STASI: ‘Sex and the City’ star Nixon is not ready to be governor

Cynthia Nixon, a desperate-to-be-relevant-as-she-once-was actress who got famous while doing explicit sex scenes in “Sex and the City,” wants to be governor of the great state of New York. Funny, right?

Yeah, well, everybody once thought it was hilarious that Cicciolina the porn star ran for the Italian parliament, too — until she got elected. Stop laughing.

Nixon announced her candidacy Monday in a cheesy video in which she acts her way through a breathy diatribe denouncing the way New York State is run. Why? Because our failed “leaders let us down.”


Cynthia Nixon wastes no time slamming Cuomo for MTA issues

I guess she forgot that the top leader she wants to replace, Gov. Cuomo, didn’t let her down personally when he pushed for and passed a same-sex marriage bill just six months after he took office, which allowed her to marry her wife Christine Marinoni.

For starters.

Did Cuomo let down the uber-liberal Nixon when he passed the SAFE Act, which gave New York State some of the strictest gun-control laws in the entire nation — which in turn has helped reduce gun deaths in New York to the third-lowest nationwide, despite the fact that we have the fourth-highest population?

Oh. Right.

Quinn apologizes for calling Nixon ‘unqualified lesbian’

Did he fail her in 2016 when he along with his nemesis Mayor de Blasio got New York back to business-as-usual one day after the second worst snowstorm in recorded history hit the state and city — even as most of the East Coast, including our nation’s capital, was in total paralysis? What about our failed leaders’ hands-on responses to Sandy or even the recent Nor’easters that have hit us every 10 minutes?

Nixon whines that kids nowadays aren’t given the same opportunities she was given as a proud New York City public school student back in the day. Apparently she forgot that public schools in New York City in the 1970s and ’80’s, when she attended were so horrible that they were practically uninhabitable. Except, that is, for white students, because whites were the still the most segregated group, which may account for her thinking she had more opportunities back then.

Stars who ran for office


Did the public education-minded actress feel let down when Cuomo pushed for and passed a bill making New York the first state to offer free tuition to four-year public colleges for in-state residents whose families earn no more than $100,000?

No woman has ever run New York — and Nixon could be the one


Let’s be clear here: Just because she’s a famous actress doesn’t mean she should be governor. Cuomo probably doesn’t think he should be an actor because he’s a famous governor.

Sorry, but running a privileged household with three kids — which she shows in the video — does not qualify her to run a state of 20 million people in 62 counties with a $168 billion budget.

Reality check: Nixon has never been a CEO of a major corporation, never run a state agency, or even been in government, and yet apparently thinks she’s got all the answers. So far all she has are the questions and the accusations.

Cynthia Nixon’s gov run heats up Cuomo-de Blasio feud

Not Released (NR)

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni attend the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 27, 2016, in Santa Monica, Calif.

(Frazer Harrison/WireImage)

Being on TV does not qualify a person to run a government.

Oh right. Tragically, we already know that.


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