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Readers sound off on Spectrum strike, NFL kneeling and Kavanaugh

Manhattan: According to Webster’s dictionary, among other things, rape is an “outrageous violation.” So, America, guess what? In the past few weeks, Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham tried to do it, to violate me. But it was Susan Collins who managed to succeed. Of course, she needed help. And that’s where Brett Kavanaugh came in. As for me, I am disgusted. As a victim of sexual violation and having lived a long time understanding the way white males are treated with kid gloves in this country, what happened in the past few weeks via the male GOP D.C. power base did not affect me. But Collins, who won office in 1996 saying she believed in term limits and would stay in the Senate exactly 12 years? Well, Collins has managed to do what no man ever has: take me down and erase my power. Shame on her. All so she can go down in history as the turning point vote in this American debacle? All so she can have her lousy 15 minutes of lens-hogging fame? Oh, she will go down all right. Women of Maine — stand up! Jeannie Reed

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