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Newspaper headlines: PM ‘under fire for Brexit dividend claim’ and ‘We Kane Do It’

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Many of Monday’s papers lead on Theresa May’s £20bn NHS funding boost announcement – and the potential tax rise to fund it. The Daily Telegraph says a stealth tax is expected to help pay for the increase in NHS spending. It reports the PM is due to set out her plan on Monday after warning people will be “contributing more”.

The Financial Times

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“May faces Tory backlash over funding of £20bn NHS boost,” says the Financial Times. It reports that MPs have rejected the notion that a “Brexit dividend” would fund most of the spending increase and warn of tax rises.

The Guardian

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The Guardian also says Theresa May is under fire for the claim that a “Brexit dividend” will fund the NHS spending boost. It quotes the Institute for Fiscal Studies as saying that even the government accepted there would be no immediate boost to coffers after Brexit.

The Times

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The Times says Theresa May is facing an £11bn funding “black hole” over her NHS pledge. It says ministers were unable to agree all of the sources of revenue before the PM’s announcement.


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“Magic Money Theresa,” is the Metro’s headline. The paper questions where the cash will come from to fund May’s NHS spending boost.

Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail says the prime minister will promise the NHS funding injection in speech in London, saying the cash will “secure our greatest national inheritance for generations to come”.

The i

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The i says critics of the PM’s NHS boost announcement have said the figure will not fill the funding gap in the NHS or fix social care.

Daily Express

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The Daily Express says health experts have insisted Britons need to end their reliance on medication and the wrong foods. It could save tens of millions of lives and the NHS billions of pounds, the paper reports.

The Sun

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Looking ahead to England’s first World Cup match against Tunisia on Monday, the Sun says “We Kane Do It”. It asks readers to kiss captain Harry Kane’s boot.

Daily Mirror

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The Daily Mirror says the ex-wife of TV presenter Ant McPartlin feels “betrayed” after it was revealed he is dating her friend.

Daily Star

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The Daily Star leads with the same story, saying Ant McPartlin’s ex is “furious”.

There is widespread reaction to Theresa May’s pledge to spend more on the NHS.

The Times welcomes the cash infusion, but it says it’s “hardly generous”.

The paper also warns of a “disturbing vagueness” in the prime minister’s explanation of where the extra money needed to pay for it will come from.

The Guardian says the announcement was overshadowed by scepticism over the claim it can be financed, in part, by a Brexit windfall.

The Mirror accuses Mrs May of playing “silly political games, claiming generosity while pledging significantly less than is needed”.

The Daily Telegraph argues “radical new thinking” is needed and money and reform must go together to stop health and social care lurching from one crisis to another.

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art – which was gutted by fire for a second time at the weekend – could be rebuilt according to the Daily Telegraph.

The paper reports that a digital map of the building, created after the previous blaze, recorded the structure down to the last millimetre.

Architecture writer Clive Aslet argues in the online edition of the Times that “if the dome of Castle Howard could be rebuilt after a fire, using old photographs from Country Life, there’s no reason why the Glasgow School of Art should not rise again from the ashes – for the second time”.

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The announcement by David Dimbleby that he’s stepping down from his role fronting Question Time has led to a raft of speculation about who might replace him.

The Sun says BBC bosses want a woman to take over. The Daily Telegraph suggests Kirsty Wark and Kirsty Young, but says high profile men including Evan Davis and Huw Edwards are also being considered.

Millennials are on track to become the first generation to suffer worse health than their parents in middle age, according to a study reported in the Times.

It says people in their 20s and 30s have a higher risk of “lifestyle” diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease in the future.

It cites high stress levels linked to insecure work, chronic loneliness and the long time they spend renting in shared accommodation as reasons. However the research by the Health Foundation also found the young have lower rates of smoking, alcohol and drug use.

And if you’ve failed to register that England are playing an important football match today the papers leave you in no doubt.

The Financial Times prints a range of statistics which suggest the squad is the least experienced fielded by England since at least 2002.

The i says a lacklustre start for the favourites means it’s “all to play for”. The Daily Telegraph agrees, saying most of the teams gathered in Russia look mediocre.

The Daily Star isn’t worried; it says the team is made up of “grafters and down to earth characters” who have a good chance of winning.

Seven of the squad hail from Yorkshire and the Daily Mirror hopes they will emulate the success of the 2012 Olympics – pointing out that if Yorkshire had been a country it would have finished 12th in the games.

And the Sun features a photo of the captain Harry Kane’s foot and urges readers to kiss his boot for luck.

Sun readers should never kiss anyone’s boots, the paper says, but today they can make an exception.

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