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Naive to think Trump would do right thing and keep Haitian TPS

On July 22, 2019, more than 50,000 Haitians will lose Temporary Protected Status, one of the few immigration programs where black foreigners were the primary beneficiaries.

These Haitians, many of whom are the parents of U.S. citizens, will lose the protection from deportation provided them by former President Barack Obama after a devastating earthquake hit their country in 2010.

President Trump is ending the program despite the continuing poverty and disease that plagues the country. I remained optimistic until the last moment that Trump would do the right thing and continue Haitian TPS. I was naive.

Still, July 2019 is enough time for Congress to right this wrong. Several bills are pending that if enacted, would grant permanent residence to Haitian TPS holders. Over the years, Chinese, Cubans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans and others have benefited from nationality-specific laws.

Undocumented persons should be able to travel by plane within U.S

Even without special legislation, many Haitian TPS holders have paths to legal status or defenses to deportation. Nevertheless, Haitian TPS holders rightly fear having to return to the poorest country in the hemisphere. Their plight provides a challenge for immigrant rights advocates.

Small in number, the Haitian community will need the help of all fighters for justice to win this battle. Will we rise to the occasion? I think so.

Q: My sister has a valid B-2 visitor’s visa, but her passport was accidently soaked in water. Is the visa still valid or must she get a new one at a U.S. consulate abroad once she gets a new passport?

Anna, New York

Immigrants granted asylum must apply for permanent residency

A: The visa is still valid, assuming a customs officer can still read it. So if her country lets her keep the damaged passport, she can staple the two passports together and present both at entry.

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