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Mom who left urine-soaked baby alone denies neglect claims

A Brooklyn mom accused of leaving her daughter alone in a urine-soaked diaper and stomping on her son’s back shrugged off child neglect claims and vowed Friday to get her family back.

“I would never do that to my kids,” Yasheameia Hamilton, 35, said after her arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

The aloof mom, who has lost custody of all four of her children, said she was confident that she would be reunited with her kids eventually.

“It’s so much an exaggeration,” she said after being released without bail on charges of child endangerment and neglect. If anything, her children push her around, she said.

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“I do too much for my babies. They run over me,” she said.

But in 2016, a worker at the public housing building where Hamilton lives told police that she saw Hamilton stomp on her son twice, as the child bawled on the ground, and later noticed a footprint on the back of the boy’s coat, according to a criminal complaint.

On Thursday night, police found Hamilton’s 4-month-old daughter, left filthy, covered in rashes and alone in the apartment, wearing a dirty diaper, prosecutors charge.

Police said the kitchen countertop was crawling with roaches, and clothing and chicken bones were scattered around the Batchelder St. apartment, near Avenue W in the Nostrand Houses.

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Hamilton’s lawyer, William Ross, argued that his client has never been convicted of a crime and that the child was not injured.

“If my client had stomped a child, there would be injury,” he told the judge at her arraignment. Ross did acknowledge that Hamilton was seen with her foot on the child’s back.

Hamilton seemed upbeat after been released on her own recognizance.

“That went real good,” she said. “It always goes great for me.”

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But her life has mostly been defined by hard luck, as she wrote in a 2016 online essay in Rise magazine.

She was hit by a car at 9 and was sexually abused in the family home.

Hamilton was arrested after cops found her 4-month-old daughter covered in rashes, wearing a dirty diaper and left alone in her Nostrand Houses apartment, prosecutors allege.

(Ken Murray/New York Daily News)

“For years, my mother’s boyfriend kept touching me,” she wrote. “These experiences made me feel like a target. As a little girl, I loved to talk about Jesus. But being molested made me feel unloved.”

Sources said Hamilton has a history of abuse and neglect, having previously had four children taken from her by the city Administration for Children’s Services.

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 “We immediately took action to secure the safety of this child, and we are working with the NYPD to investigate this case,” Eric Ferrero, an ACS spokesman, said of the new case. “Our top priority is protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children in New York City.”

In the essay, Hamilton wrote that she wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps and graduate from high school.

But she fell into drinking and drugs because of her abuse. 

“After that, my depression became powerful,” she wrote. “I felt homeless within myself.”

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She wrote that she admitted herself into a psychiatric hospital, then entered a substance abuse program in 2008 and began therapy.

“Therapy also showed me the difference between real love and sex, and helped me believe I could make friends,” she wrote.

Hamilton added, “I felt jealous and angry, like I was becoming a monster. Going to therapy helped to make my mind positive.”

She wrote that during her 20s, she became a mom but could not stop using drugs.

Her mother kicked her out of the house when she was 24, she said. She had a son and a daughter by age 25. The boy was placed in foster care and then went to live with her mother.

On Friday, she vowed to put her family back together.

“I’m going come to court for her,” she said. “I’m going to get my baby. I love my kids.”

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