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Fire damages two houses in Queens on Thanksgiving

A raging Thanksgiving night fire engulfed two Queens homes, leaving both gutted, FDNY officials said.

The blaze broke out on the first-floor of a house on 108th Ave. near Guy Brewer Blvd., at 6:45 p.m. and quickly spread to a neighboring home.

Ralph Faisom, 68, who owns the house next door to where the fire started, said he was visiting family on Long Island when he got an alarming call from relatives.

“They told me my house was on fire, they wanted to know if I was in the house first and I told them, ‘No, I’m not home,’” Faisom said. He’s owned the house since 1964.

“I’m thankful that I’m still living and nobody I know was in there and everybody is safe.”

The people who live in the wood home where the flames sparked got out safely, FDNY Chief Joe Wozinca said at the scene.

Firefighters work at the scene of a three-alarm blaze that damaged two houses in Jamaica, Queens on Thursday. 

(Angus Mordant/for New York Daily News)

“It’s heartbreaking that people have gone out to enjoy the holiday with family and friends and then they get a call to come back because their house is involved in a fire and when they get here they see the amount of damage,” Wozinca said. “But the main thing is that nobody seriously got hurt. Property can always be replaced but their life and physical being can’t be replaced.”

Winston Walcott, 48, who lives across the street, watched the blaze as it burned.

“The fire was coming out in the air. It was real bad,” he said.

“If the firefighters wasn’t here the block would’ve been gone.”

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