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Fantasy Football: ADP Duel – Derrius Guice vs. Rashaad Penny

The rookie coin-flip is what we have here. On one hand you have Guice, a potentially great player in his own right, but also competing for touches with another RB that had success in the offense. Also, with Alex Smith coming on board as this team’s new starting QB, you have to imagine the creativity of this offense will be somewhat lackluster. The Redskins defense isn’t among the league’s best either, which could lead to more playing time for a Chris Thompson type when he is healthy. That can hinder the overall potential of Guice in both formats. Penny could be given a role with the Seahawks similar to that of Saquon Barkley, just not with the pomp and circumstance. The Seahawks will be facing some very tough opposing cornerbacks and pass defenses on their schedule, which means the team may try and lean on their rushing attack more than they have in previous seasons. I like the talent that Penny brings to the table and given the potential he has in both standard and PPR formats, he could be in store for quite a big 2018. So if this decision is put in front of me in drafts, I will be making the selection of Rashaad Penny each time. Not that I don’t like Guice as a player, I just see more value in Penny for this upcoming season.

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