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Dozens dead after attack on news agency in Afghanistan

Dozens are dead after multiple explosions rocked Afghanistan’s capital on Thursday, including a news agency.

Police officials in Kabul said that at least 40 people had been killed after an attack on the Afghan Voice and a neighboring Shiite Muslim cultural center.

Thirty people were wounded in addition to those killed in the attack, which adds to 10 fatalities in a suicide bombing at Afghanistan’s intelligence agency on Monday.

A group of students was at the organization’s offices at the time for a conference and many young people are believed to be among the victims.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though the Islamic State and Taliban have both carried out attacks in recent months.

The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack in a Twitter post from its spokesman Thursday afternoon.

Six shepherd children aged 8 to 10 were killed by a roadside bomb on Wednesday in the Balkh Province north of Kabul, according to local officials.

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