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City Hall looking into cop-impersonating state Sen. Marty Golden

City Hall is investigating after after a cyclist said state Sen. Marty Golden used a parking placard to impersonate a cop.

“I have to look into that,” de Blasio said when asked whether the city might revoke Golden’s parking privileges. “I know that when the issue came up, folks in my administration who work on those issues were following up. But I don’t know what’s been learned, so I will certainly get back to you on that.”

According to cyclist Brian Howald, Golden, sitting in the passenger seat, waved his placard at him and threatened to take him to the local police station, before speeding off as Howald tried to snap photos. The incident drew attention to Golden’s long record of moving violations, including tickets for speeding in a school zone or blowing red lights.

And in 2005, Golden hit Hariklia Zafiropoulos, 74, with his car. She never left the hospital and died six months later — and the pol paid $750,000 to settle a suit brought by her estate.

After the bike lane flap, Golden (R-Bay Ridge) blamed Howald and said he never identified himself as a police officer. “By taking personal responsibility for the policing of traffic, Mr. Howald unnecessarily escalated this situation and created an unsafe environment,” he tweeted. “In a review of Mr. Howald’s social media, it is evident that this is not the first time he has aggressively engaged a motorist on a New York City street.”

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