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$4 billion aircraft carrier leaking two weeks after commissioning

Boaty Mc-Oh no-face.

Britain’s shiny new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, will already be repaired for a leak only two weeks after it was commissioned.

The ship, which cost 3.1 billion pounds ($4.1 billion) officially joined the fleet on Dec. 7 in a ceremony that saw the Defense Secretary say it was “the epitome of British design and dexterity.”

However, the carrier now has an issue with the seal around a propeller shaft that is causing a leak, and the Royal Navy said that it is scheduled for repairs in Portsmouth.

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It has been taking on more than 50 gallons of sea water every hour, according to The Sun newspaper, which first reported the leak and said that the millions needed to fix it would be paid by the manufacturer.

The Queen Elizabeth, which weighs 65,000 tons and may need to be taken to the dry dock for repairs, is still expected to continue trials next year.

It was not immediately clear if the HMS Prince of Wales, a sister ship with a similarly royal-inspired name that is in its final stages of preparation, has the same leak issue.

The U.S. Navy had its own share of embarrassment last year after three separate warships required repairs because of mechanical problems on littoral combat ships, designed to operate in shallower waters. 

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