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Apple just pushed an iOS update to fix that ‘I’ autocorrect bug

Over the last few days, most iOS users have experienced the same peculiar bug: the letter “i” was autocorrecting to… something else. Sometimes it was an exclamation mark. Sometimes it was “A.” Sometimes it was a question mark in a box.

A fix was said to be just around the corner, and sure enough: Apple has just sent out a patch that fixes that rando-replacement once and for all. iOS 11.1.1 is now available, with this fix marked as the flagship feature.

Apple quickly put up a support page with a temporary fix for those who went looking for answers — but as you’ve probably still seen about a zillion tweets and Facebook posts with stray ⍰ in the days since, it would seem most people didn’t. This fix should be a bit more universal.

Need the update? Just pop into Settings > General > Software Update and let iOS do its thing.

Featured Image: TechCrunch

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