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AI painting to go under the hammer

A painting produced by artificial intelligence (AI) will be auctioned by Christie’s later. Created by French art collective Obvious, the AI system compares its own portraits against ones made by humans and keeps working on them until it is unable to tell the difference between the two. The portrait, Edmond ...

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Juanita Broaddrick is credible: Bill Clinton may have raped her

Recently, however, I listened to a remarkable podcast. It is called Slow Burn, produced by Slate and narrated by its staff writer Leon Neyfakh. Thus far, Slow Burn has covered two political scandals — Richard Nixon’s Watergate and what started out as Clinton’s Whitewater but wound up as L’affaire Lewinsky. ...

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Five things to know about Red Dead Redemption 2

Image copyright Rockstar The hotly anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2 is due for release on Friday. The western-style adventure is set in the aftermath of a failed train robbery and is actually the prequel to the original 2010 title. It’s the first major release for studio Rockstar Games since ...

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Hurting small biz in name of saving it: The City Council’s ‘Jobs Survival Act’ will be bad for mom-and-pop stores and others across New York, say commercial landlords

To fill our new projects and/or replace tenants in the 15% of spaces that don’t renew, we actively court established companies as well as entrepreneurs. We believe that moms and pops, and grandparents for that matter, and even the millennial dreamers can be a part of our portfolio. Often these ...

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When the military turns against free speech – TechCrunch

Wael Abbas, a human rights activist focused on police brutality in Egypt has been under arrest since May on charges of spreading fake news and “misusing social media.” Andy Hall, a labor rights researcher, has been fighting charges under Thailand’s computer crime laws because of a report published online that ...

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