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Bizarre gifts declared by Nottingham city councillors

Image caption One councillor declared receiving eight grapes, one small orange and two small bananas and tea during a meeting Eight grapes and a small orange were among some of the bizarre gifts declared by city councillors in Nottingham. More than 700 gifts have been recorded by councillors since 2010, ...

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Merkel lobbies Trump on trade and Iran

Image copyright Getty Images German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will stay in close touch with US President Donald Trump on the Iran nuclear deal, which he could scrap. Mrs Merkel described the 2015 international accord as a “first step” that prevented Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. Mr Trump vowed ...

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Trump hopes for ‘great success’ in meeting with Korea leaders

President Trump channeled his inner Borat on Friday as he claimed credit for the historic meeting between the leaders of North Korea and South Korea. “Hopefully we’re going to have great success,” Trump said, echoing Sacha Baron Cohen’s famed fictional character. “We’ll see what happens, but hopefully ...

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Deadline to amend UK surveillance laws

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Human rights groups have claimed the UK’s surveillance powers went too far High Court judges have given the UK government six months to revise parts of its Investigatory Powers Act. Rules governing the British surveillance system must be changed quickly because they are “incompatible” ...

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Tech Tent: the technology of pleasure

Image copyright Getty Images When it comes to sex tech, the gadgets that grab the headlines tend to be the sex robots, with their exaggeratedly feminine shapes and artificially intelligent responses to desire. But the market extends beyond these devices, and one British firm is seeking to challenge the stereotype. ...

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