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WATCH: MMA Fighters Have To Get High Before This Tournament

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While we know athletes from various sports smoke marijuana, whether using CBD to treat ailments or to reduce pain after a tough match, perhaps nowhere is marijuana usage more prevalent than in MMA. As UFC commentator Joe Rogan has said, “A tremendous amount of UFC fighters smoke pot. A massive amount. […] More UFC fighters smoke pot than don’t smoke pot.”

But it’s still surprising to learn that High Rollerz hosted a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition where fighters must smoke marijuana before grappling up. Organizers estimated about half the tournament was “pro fighters.” And the prize? A pound of weed, which is an estimated worth between $4,000-5,000.

We could tell you more about it, but these social media posts will you give a much better indication of what we’re talking about.

At one point a fist fight almost broke out when tensions got hot between two brawlers. To calm the room, one referee ran in and lit a joint to pass around to everyone. Maybe all sports leagues should consider this tactic?

Jeff Glover, the famed BJJ artist, won the tournament and agreed to split the brick 70/30 with the tournament’s runner-up.

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