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WATCH: Georgia player appears to tell Baker Mayfield to ‘humble yourself’

Baker Mayfield played his heart out for Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, but ultimately came up just short. In the aftermath of the 54-48 loss to Georgia, the controversial quarterback was on the field appearing to congratulate and talk to Georgia’s players, but linebacker Davin Bellamy wanted none of it. Bellamy appeared to yell “humble yourself” in Mayfield’s direction while players were still milling around the field.

Mayfield may have actually humbled the Georgia defense a bit. He played well, going 23-of-35 passing with 287 yards, two touchdowns and a pick. His first half was significantly better than his second, however, as the Georgia defense seemed to adjust remarkably well.

Mayfield has had a number of incidents throughout the season that have made people question his “character.” From the fiasco against Kansas to his apparent throat slash gesture after a missed kick, people have often asked if the Heisman Trophy winner has the attitude to be a successful NFL QB.

As much as defenses may not like playing against him for his antics, his play is what makes him so difficult to face off against. Oklahoma still scored 48 points, but heading into this game there’s no question the Georgia defense was sick of hearing about Mayfield’s exceptional game. Bellamy was just the one to vocalize it post-game.

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