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WATCH: Dunk attempt ends in kid getting brutally kneed in the head

The Sturgeon Heights School in Canada recently hosted a Pros vs. Joes event, and it ended in the absolute destruction of a poor young man who just wanted to get involved in the action. 

Former CFL player Jordan Reaves attempted to dunk over the victim and … well, since we are referring to him as a victim, you’ve likely already figured out that it did not go super well.

The good news is that the kid provided a brilliant example of how to take a charge. Like, textbook stuff. Show your young ballers the game tape and let them learn from it. The bad news, however, is that taking a knee straight to the face probably doesn’t feel great.

But since you probably want to see that again, here’s another angle. 

And here is it slowed down for your viewing pleasure.

The other kids in attendance sure got a kick out of the misfortune of their fallen peer, and it’s hard to blame them. Luckily, we don’t have to feel too guilty about laughing since the young man got back up and, according to Reaves,”walked out with a smile.” Were all the teeth accounted for in that smile? Well, who’s to say. Plus, in Canada, losing your adult teeth while playing sports is actually just a rite of passage.

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