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WATCH: Did Zaza Pachulia try to land on Russell Westbrook’s leg?

The Golden State Warriors destroyed the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night, 112-80. Using one of their patented third- quarter runs, the Dubs pulled away, then cruised to the win in the fourth quarter. 

Perhaps the biggest story of the night, though, will be how physical the game was. Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony had a little confrontation in the first half, with Melo shoving KD, and the two exchanging words. Then, later in the game, Melo got so upset after a foul from Draymond Green, that he threw his headband to the floor in disgust.

And finally, there was a strange incident involving Zaza Pachulia and Russell Westbrook. 

After Westbrook missed a shot, there was a battle for the rebound, which Nick Young eventually came away with. In the process, Young and Westbrook got their legs tangled together, and it caused both to crash to the floor in an awkward fashion. The questionable part happens when Pachulia gets involved.

The Warriors big man seems to pause and perhaps target Westbrook’s leg. The play had plenty of people on Twitter asking questions.

Even Kyrie Irving seemed to think the play was bad. He left a comment on Instagram suggesting the league needs to take a look at it.

Given Pachulia’s history — recall the play with Kawhi Leonard during last season’s Western Conference finals — it seems likely the league will take a look at this play. 

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