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Readers sound off on race in the NFL, horse carriages and guns

Manhattan: I write again to urge the importance of moving the horse carriages into the park from Central Park South. Last Wednesday, as I walked on the West Side, around 61st St. and Columbus Ave., I saw a horse lugging along tourists in the middle of the city streets, with cabs and reckless drivers all around the horse. This is unnatural and inhumane. It is dangerous for not only the horse, but the passengers and the drivers around the carriage. I don’t understand the difficulty of drafting and passing new regulation to help these animals. I am not asking for an outright ban, because again, I understand that is unlikely. However, please, please, please, I beg you to take a hard look at the unjust practice that currently exists. Please move the horses into the park. It pains me and others to see them in this unnatural environment. Hayley Leviashvili

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