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Readers sound off on limousine crash, Kanye West and NYPD commissioner

Woodside: The horrific fatal crash of a stretch limousine upstate that claimed 20 promising young lives celebrating a birthday party, which included newlyweds, parents of young children, and a 16-month baby, this is yet another shocking and sad example of safety regulations being conveniently circumvented. In 2015, there were red flags raised after a limousine crash in Long Island that killed four occupants, all young women. Sadly, thereafter not much has been done by the NTSB in regulating limousines. Unfortunately, this fatal crash now only is a statistical record, buried by the evanescing public memory and inaction from regulators. It’s no secret that in making of a stretch out of a regular car limousine could entail a vehicle being stripped of the very safety features that save lives in road accidents. Appallingly, it’s clear that lack of regulation seems to be main factor in the limo convertibility, where safety norms and principles of engineering are blatantly compromised for opulence and profitability. I hope this is taken up by the Congress and the NTSB in installing strict requirements across America, ensuring that automobile convertibility will not be “stretched” and reconfigured to dangerous and unacceptable safety levels. Atul M. Karnik

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