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Readers sound off on child sex abuse, Sing Sing and Cosby 

Manhattan: I received a notice stating that my Sing Sing visiting privileges have been suspended until Nov. 27, because I delayed the count of visitors. This is unreasonable. I was at the vending machine when I heard one of the correction officers announce that it was time to return to our seats for the count. However, I am more than five months pregnant and it’s extremely difficult for me to move in the fashion the correction officers demanded. With kids and adults scrambling everywhere to get back to their seats, and many chairs and tables to maneuver through, had I attempted to move quickly I would have put my unborn child and myself at risk. In fact, prior to being seated, I had specifically asked for the accommodation to be seated close to the vending machines because of my condition. My request was denied, yet I’m being penalized for my pregnancy. That is discriminatory, and conflicts with the Supreme Court’s holdings in UAW vs. Johnson Controls and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. I’m asking for my visiting privileges to be reinstated. Dulce N. Fermin

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