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Readers sound off on Bill de Blasio, race and the Mets

Brooklyn: Once again, Bill de Blasio shows us why he is incompetent and does not deserve to be mayor of this city. At a memorial event for the eight victims of last year’s West Side highway mass homicide, de Blasio thanked by name multiple elected officials but he didn’t bother to read out the names of those killed or anything specific about them other than stating a very dismissive comment noting the “eight good lives lost.” His spokesperson said that he missed their names because they were not “on the program.” De Blasio has been mayor for nearly five years now, and has been in elected office since 2002. Any competent leader, out of respect, would have remembered to include their names regardless of what “the program” had stated. When the time comes to vote for de Blasio’s next political endeavor, voters should in turn forget to vote for him, even if his name is part of the ballot. Robert T. Mruczek

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