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Readers sound off on autumn, Kavanaugh, and court security

Downsville, N.Y.: Re “It’s a revolution: Women, mad as hell” (Oct. 2): Thank you for the column, Richard Cohen, but unfortunately it serves as another example of why men do not understand feminism, and it’s found in the use of one word: “gentlemen.” The implication is that Cohen is directing his comments to men only. Feminism, at its heart, is a fight for equal rights, and a desire by women to be respected for their opinions, contributions, and worth. Women are angry, but we’ve been angry for a very long time. This latest debacle over the Supreme Court has just brought it to the surface. Addressing the argument to men, only, is a disservice. Feminists do not want to scare men into thinking they want to replace them. Feminists want a place next to men at the same table. When you make it an argument between us and them, as in, “You better watch out, the angry women are coming to get you,” you are being counterproductive. It would be more appropriate to frame it as, half of the country is outraged over what’s happening. What are we all going to do to make this right? Bonnie Messina

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