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Odell denies allegation he considered $20k bet on baseball game

Odell Beckham Jr. once again finds himself embroiled in controversy.

The Giants receiver, who is still recovering from season-ending ankle surgery, allegedly expressed interest in betting $20,000 on a baseball game, a high-stakes gambler told USA Today as part of an in-depth story.

Rob Gorodetsky told USA Today Beckham expressed interest in placing the wager, but the prospect ultimately fell through.

The NFL’s gambling policy states no member of the league is allowed to bet on any professional, collegiate or Olympic sporting event, including but not limited to wagers related to game outcome, statistics, score, or performance of any individual participant.

Beckham denied the allegations through his agent, Zeke Sandhu, as well as denying even knowing Gorodetsky.

Odell Beckham is once again in hot water.

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“We do not know Robert nor can we confirm any of his statements,” Sandhu told USA Today via email.

That claim, however, appears to be false, as Gorodetsky posted a photo of him and Beckham together at a hotel to Instagram in May.

Sandhu also added Beckham has never bet on any sporting event and “has and will always continue to comply” with the NFL’s gambling policy.

The Giants have not released a statement addressing the accusations.

Beckham has attempted to remain out of the public eye since his season-ending ankle injury in Week 5.

Gorodetsky claims he was introduced to Beckham through one of the receiver’s cousins and spent time with Beckham and his entourage at the High Limit Lounge in Las Vegas.

Gorodetsky goes on to say he event lent Beckham $10,000 to play blackjack.

“He said, ‘You know what, I didn’t really bring any money with me.’ These people never do, right?” Gorodetsky told USA Today. “He’s like, ‘Let me borrow $10,000, I want to play blackjack. If I lose, I’ll wire you the money tomorrow.’ Blah, blah, blah.

Odell Beckham allegedly tried to bet on a baseball game, according to USA Today.

Odell Beckham allegedly tried to bet on a baseball game, according to USA Today.

(Julio Cortez/AP)

“I give him the money. Next thing you know we’re sitting there (playing blackjack) for four hours. He won a couple of thousand and gave me my money back. Then he’s like, ‘Come to dinner with us.'”

Shortly after USA Today reached out to Beckham’s agent seeking comment, Gorodetsky shared an angry email with the newspaper that he received from Beckham’s cousin.

“He’s flipping out on me,” Gorodetsky told USA Today by text message. “I told them I’m denying it and tracking down to see what’s going on.”

Gorodetsky told USA Today gambling is common among athletes, particularly NBA players. He added his status as a high-stakes gambler has helped him gain access to NBA circles and gamble with other celebrities, such as Drake.

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