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Mike Francesa reportedly briefly chokes on the air

A cough drop allegedly almost shut Mike off.

During Monday’s show, WFAN host Mike Francesa appeared to choke on something while taking a call. Twitter user Funhouse said it was a cough drop that almost got lodged in the throat of the Sports Pope.

In the audio clip shared by @BackAftaThis, Francesa is heard clearing his throat and coughing while saying “excuse me.” After a few more coughs and apologies, Francesa takes a call from Dave in Westchester.

When asked how he’s feeling after the moment of choking, Francesa simply replies “good thanks.”

Mike Francesa rips Roger Goodell and declining NFL

Mike Francesa’s final show on WFAN will be Dec. 15.

(Sipkin, Corey, New York Daily Ne/New York Daily News)

Francesa’s brief struggle didn’t sound serious and the host was able to carry on with his afternoon radio show.

The long-time WFAN host is nearing the end of his run on the airwaves in New York as his final show is coming up on Dec. 15.

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