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Mighty Quinn: November 7 – NY Daily News

As Mighty does before every big election, he asked noted pessimist, Cazzie, for his take on the mayoral election. Cazzie always votes for the person he thinks will LOSE, this way, when things go wrong during the winner’s term, Cazzie can always say, “Hey, I didn’t vote for that bum!”

“OK, Cazzie, it’s time, who are you voting for?”


“Malliotakis! So you’re saying de Blasio will be the next mayor.”


“A close election, Cazzie?”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

“You know what’s strange about this election. It seems like nobody likes de Blasio, but he’s way ahead in the polls (33%). Go figure, right, Mighty?”

“Any chance Bo Dietl pulls the upset?”

“De Blasio’s happy Dietl is running. He’ll will take votes away from Malliotakis. De Blasio wins by over 20 percentage points.”

Mighty was waiting on the Maple Leafs on Monday and likes Buffalo (college football) on Tuesday. The deficit is 850 sirignanos.

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