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Mighty Quinn: January 8 – NY Daily News

Mighty bumped into Larry The Loot. “I read in Monday’s Daily News (Jan. 1) your deficit was -680, and then in Tuesday’s paper (Jan. 2) your deficit was only -55. Was that a mistake?”

“No mistake, Larry The Loot, I got my annual end of the year tax-write off.”

“Who does your taxes? I’d like that deal.”

“The best attorney ever to come out of Rosedale. In the past, I’d hire Bernie (The Attorney) McGoldrick, but Bernie retired, so I use his daughter, Loophole McGoldrick.”

“She wiped out your entire 2017 deficit?”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

“Thanks to the genius of Loophole McGoldrick. Although I had yet another losing year, my record was a winning one. 142-130-4.”

“That just goes to show you, if the All Knowing Mighty Quinn can’t win, who can? Happy New Year and may you show a profit in 2018.”

Mighty missed with the Jaguars (-8) on Sunday and likes Alabama (-4) and over (45) on Monday. The deficit is 225 sirignanos.

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