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Mighty Quinn: December 16 – NY Daily News

The quote of the week comes from Rosedale’s Lori Carano DeStefani, wishing her daughter, Fallon Rae, happy birthday on Facebook:

“You are 20 years old almost to the minute (took me awhile to figure out how to put these all together or I would have been to the exact minute). Missing you today though it is sincerely wonderful knowing how well you are doing. I cannot be more proud of you, the first one of us to move out of state and excel.

“Your determination in school, work and life is well beyond your years, and I cannot be prouder to have you as a daughter. Your smile and kindness is felt by everyone you meet, never change that. As I wrote to your sister on her birthday, when I look at you both I know I got something right in this crazy world. Love you with all my heart, and some toes, too.”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Mighty was waiting on South Dakota State (+3) on Friday and likes Kansas on Saturday. The deficit is 770 sirignanos.

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