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Mighty Quinn: April 2 – NY Daily News

Peggy Brennan Dwyer has car wash issues and Zoey Lynch loses her first tooth:

Peggy: “Round 1: Went through car wash and came out with my car covered in soap, no rinse came on. They sent me back around.

“Round 2: Went through and got more soap. No rinse came on and the system shut down while I was just about through. I rolled down the window to see what to do, apparently the automatic dryers were still working and blew my head into the backseat. Quite a sight!

“Round 3: Third time was a charm! Now I have the shiniest car on the block!”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Sigal Lynch: “Zoey lost her first tooth today. She was soooo excited and called me at work. I said, ‘Zoey tell daddy to take a picture of it.’ The first picture is what I got? Really now Jeffrey! I want to see a picture of Zoey without her tooth, silly man? Here comes the tooth fairy.”

Mighty was waiting on the Thunder (PK) on Sunday and likes Villanova (-7) on Monday. The deficit is 275 sirignanos.

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