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Mighty Quinn: April 17 – NY Daily News

The Valley Stream Herald prints “The Question” by Susan Grieco in its weekly newspaper. Last week: “If you could grow up to be famous for one thing, what would it be?”

Sophia Circosta, age 6: “I would like to be a famous basketball player.”

Evan Wikle, age 10: “I’d like to be famous for being a good baseball player.”

Annie Kellachan, age 10: “I would be a famous soccer player on the U.S. Olympic team.”

James Holian, age 8: “I’d like to be the person who makes a chair that automatically feeds you.”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Grace Morovich, age 8: “I would like to invent a stuffed animal that comes to life.”

Ethan Scesa, age 9: “I want to be famous for playing football for the Jets.”

Sports: 4. Inventors: 2. Presidents, doctors, lawyers, explorers, religious leaders, journalists, actors, comedians, etc.: ZERO!

Mighty was waiting on the Lightning on Monday and likes the Jets on Tuesday. The deficit is 80 sirignanos.

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