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LOOK: Giants to wear uniform color scheme at home that they haven’t worn in 17 years

Eli Manning’s return to the starting lineup is going to have a twist on Sunday, and that twist is that the Giants are going to be wearing white at home for the first time in 17 years. 

The Giants won’t just be wearing white jerseys though, they’ll be going all-white because they’re actually treating this week’s game against the Cowboys as their Color Rush game. Since the NFL didn’t schedule the Giants for a Color Rush game this year, the team decided to hold one anyway, and that will come on Sunday. 

The decision to wear all-white wasn’t done for Manning, it just happens to be a total coincidence that he’ll be getting his job back on the same day the Giants will be wearing their Color Rush uniform. The decision to go all-white in Week 15 was actually made over the summer. 

The Giants wore all-white for one game last year, but that was in a road game against the Eagles, and the team really wanted to don the uniform for a home game in 2017. 

Here’s what the Giants looked like last season. 

“We wanted to wear them for a home game because last year we were on the road in Philadelphia,” Giants equipment director Joe Skiba said earlier this year. “It’s a homage to the ’80s and giving it a modern slant.”

As Skiba mentioned, the Color Rush uniforms are a throwback. In this case, they’re a throwback to the road jerseys that the team wore from 1980-99.

The Color Rush uniform is subtly different from the the Giants’ normal white uniforms, which feature red numbers, red stripes and grey pants. 

The Color Rush jersey has blue numbers, blue stripes and white pants.

One other reason the Giants wanted to wear the uniforms at home is because they’ll also wear a throwback decal. In the tweet above, you’ll notice that Manning has a lowercase “NY” decal on his helmet. For Sunday’s game, the Giants will be ditching that decal and putting a throwback “Giants” logo back on their helmet.

The game against the Cowboys will mark the first time since 2000 that the Giants have worn white jerseys at home. According to the team, the last time the Giants wore white at home came in Week 1 of the 2000 season. 

The Giants actually won’t be the only team doing something different on Sunday. The Cowboys will be wearing a new jersey combination for the first time in team history, and you can read more about that by clicking here

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