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LeBron James annoyed that hot mic picked up private message to Lonzo Ball

Following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 121-112 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night, LeBron James stopped to offer some veteran advice to Lonzo Ball. It was a neat moment, but one made more intriguing by the fact that LeBron tried to keep what he told the rookie under wraps.

He covered his mouth so that no one could read his lips, and then when asked what he told Lonzo, LeBron said it was none of people’s business. Unfortunately for him, there was a hot mic on the floor that happened to pick up most of what he told the Lakers rookie. As it turned out, what he said wasn’t really all that interesting. 

“Find your zone and just stay f—— locked in,” LeBron told Lonzo, before telling him not to worry about the fact that the media was going to try to find out what he just said.

When talking to reporters on Saturday, LeBron was asked whether or not the captains’ picks for the All-Star Game should be made in private or on TV, LeBron took a few seconds to note how he was annoyed that his conversation with Lonzo became public. Via Cleveland.com:

“Some things could be held private, like my conversation with Lonzo,” James said Saturday. “Everything doesn’t need to be said and people find out. There should be some type of privacy.”

It’s more than understandable that LeBron is annoyed about his conversation becoming public knowledge. Sometimes, even when you’re a professional athlete and one of the most famous people in the country, you just want to share some advice in private. 

Even though the mic picking up his message didn’t expose anything bad or offensive that got LeBron in trouble, it would absolutely just be annoying to have people that invested in every single thing you say to someone else. 

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