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Kim Jong Un impersonator crashes Korean cheer section at Olympics

The Korean cheer squad was Un-impressed.

An impersonator dressed up as Kim Jong Un showed up in the country’s cheerleading section to root on the united Korea women’s hockey team. Photos captured the moment and those in the section didn’t seem too pleased with the man’s presence.

The impersonator, who goes by Howard, told The Sun he arrived late to the game, but when he did, he went right over to the cheerleaders and started waving a flag to support the team. He said the cheer squad looked “surprised and shocked” when he turned up.

“Some of them laughed, and got it, but most of them were totally shocked and I was told to sit down by a few heavies,” Howard said.

The fake Jong Un said he was eventually kicked out of the game.

“After that a few heavies rushed over really pissed off and I suspect they were North Korean delegates, just by the way they were dressed. I can’t confirm, but [They were] most likely North Korean,” Howard said. “They dragged me out and they kicked me in the shins and were shouting something really angrily in Korean.”

North Korean cheerleaders looked surprised and shocked when they saw a man resembling Kim Jong Un in the cheerleading section.


Howard said he was detained by police for about a half hour for his “own safety.”

The faux Jong-un also appeared at the Rio Olympics, the Independent reports.

Howard resembles the Jong Un impersonator who crashed Friday’s opening ceremony with a fake President Donald Trump, but it’s unclear if it was him or someone else.

Despite his presence, the Korean hockey team wasn’t able to rally despite the appearance of the fake leader.

The Korea women’s team lost 4-1 to Japan, completing their round robin in Group B without a win after previous losing to Switzerland and Sweden.

Korea scored their first goal of the tournament in the game, but they’ve been outscored 20-1 in the three games played.

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