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Kevin Durant won’t stop trolling one of his own Warriors teammates on Instagram

Kevin Durant’s social media presence is a strange and complicated one. It has layers — including several burner accounts! — but he regularly engages with others and is typically entertaining, for better or for worse. 

Durant isn’t always especially kind in those interactions, even if it’s one of his own teammates on the other end. 

If you need some evidence, just go through the Instagram profile of Warriors rookie Chris Boucher.

Okay, so it’s not every pic Boucher posts (as is claimed in the above caption) but Durant has certainly made a habit out of commenting less-than-complimentary things on Boucher’s pics. It seems to be some good ol’ fashioned ribbing between friends,  but also we can’t rule out the possibility that Durant may have forgotten to switch to one of his burner accounts.

Either way, KD’s jabs are particularly brutal. 

“U ugly as sh*t”

“U trash lol”

“Take my shoes off chump”

That’s some “Burn Book” level stuff right there. But, to Boucher’s credit, he seems to be taking it all in stride. He often responds to Durant’s trolling with a hearty amount of laughter, which — at the very least — indicates that he’s far from being pushed to the brink.

There’s also got to be some pride in knowing you’re a superstar’s favorite rookie to mess with, even if he thinks you’re ugly. 

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