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Friday voice Readers sound off on pensions, Kavanaugh and animal rights

Los Angeles: It is indeed hypocritical to fail to address or consider what is the price paid by the animals in suffering and lives so that we might dine on their bodies, and repulsive beyond measure to dine on tortured domestic animals considered loving pets in this country. But glacially. many younger people are coming to recognize this fact and are beginning to adopt a more plant-based diet, and since the raising of meat is so unsustainable owing to land and water depletion, these facts are also making an impression on their nutritional choices, so change is indeed happening. If one is focusing only on the equivalency of a dog vs. a cow, it is understandable that questions might be pondered, as our culture has been so emotionally attached to canines for so long, unlike some other cultures, but still this is an important if not vital issue and I am so pleased that Mr. Torrella posed it to readers so that we might also question its relevancy. Elaine Livesy-Fassel

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