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Daniel Bryan is back: Three WWE dream matches that are now officially possible

There’s good news in WWE from time to time, and then there’s news that sets the world on fire with excitement. The latter came to us on Tuesday with the news that Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to in-ring competition after being evaluated extensively by the medical team. After spending over two years on the sidelines and acting as the general manager of SmackDown Live, Bryan is now permitted to get back to doing what makes him the happiest on a regular basis. 

Since the news of Bryan’s clearance on Tuesday, everyone has begun to speculate on some matches we would like to see involving the man formerly known as “American Dragon.” Given the influx of talent within the company since Bryan has been away from the ring, there are many enticing bouts we could now possibly witness in the very near future. But, for now, these three matchups immediately come to mind as bouts we need in our lives as soon as possible.

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1. Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles: While he was tearing up the independent scene prior to arriving in WWE, Bryan was affectionately referred to as the “best in the world,” commonly being recognized as being more superior in the ring to every other competitor out there. Nowadays, it’s the current WWE champion Styles who many peg as the best in-ring performer on the planet. So, it only makes sense that these two get in there and mix it up now that Bryan has been medically cleared. Styles and Bryan had some nice battles while both were working the independent scene, but now it’s time for them to wow audiences on the grand stage WWE has to offer. 

2. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz: This matchup really is storytelling at its finest. Dating all the way back to when Bryan was Miz’s NXT rookie, these two have never seen eye-to-eye, to say the least. They were separated from one another for a bit but eventually reunited when Miz became a member of the SmackDown Live roster as intercontinental champion in 2016 as Bryan began his services as GM. Constantly at each other’s throats for one reason or another, it was highly disappointing to think we would never get an opportunity to witness Bryan get in the ring to shut the mouth of the “A-Lister” with a few of his signature kicks. Although Miz is now a member of the Raw roster, one would have to assume someone in WWE sees the money that could be involved with this feud finally reaching its climax.

3. Daniel Bryan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Upon the revelation of Bryan being cleared to return to the ring, this was probably the most popular pairing talked about on the internet, and for good reason. It has been no secret whatsoever that Bryan and 2018 Royal Rumble winner Nakamura have wished to compete against one another for years now. Nakamura was not shy about admitting that, and Bryan even once went so far as to pitch to WWE doing a crossover venture with New Japan Pro-Wrestling while Nakamura was still competing as a member of its roster. Of course, WWE would seemingly never allow something like that to take place, so the dream match was simply that: a dream. 

Well, given the news on Tuesday, Bryan vs. Nakamura can be turned from a dream into reality, one that has not been lost on the King of Strong Style. 

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