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Bullfighter suffers bloody injury after taking horn to the groin

A Mexican bullfighter suffered a brutal injury no man would want to have.

Luis David Adame was gored in the groin by a bull with its horn, leaving him with a bloody wound, according to the Sun. The injury happened during the first bout at the plaza Santa María de Querétaro in Queretaro.

Video of the incident shows Adame taunting the bull with his red cape when the animal changes direction quickly. The bull’s horn then makes impact with Adame’s groin and flips him up into the air.

After he landed on the ground, people from the tournament rushed to help Adame and get him out of the ring. Adame got to his feet and grabbed the wound as blood started to flow onto his white pants.

Luis David Adame is reportedly recovering in the hospital in stable condition after taking a horn to the groin while bullfighting.

(NTR Toros/Charly Lara/Facebook)

Adame was then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod told the Aplausos Adame suffered “a large goring in the scrotum that tears the skin in 10 centimeters.”

Adame posted a tweet Sunday thanking fans for support and letting them know that he’ll see them soon. The bullfighter is reportedly recovering and is in stable condition.

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