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5 things that doomed the Yankees vs. the Red Sox in ALDS

Aaron Judge prides himself on being this pinstriped-generation’s answer to Derek Jeter. The say-nothing leader that delivers the goods on the field and rarely off, always does the right thing. On Saturday night, Judge got a little full of himself, acting much younger than his 26 years when he decided to blast “New York, New York” as he made his way by the Red Sox clubhouse after Saturday’s 6-2 series-tying win at Fenway Park. It wasn’t a good look, especially against a team as potent as the Red Sox. Yes, Boston already wanted to Sox it to the Yanks, but now they had that little extra motivation. The Red Sox outscored the Yankees 20-4 the rest of the way and clapped back at Judge by spraying Champagne around the visiting clubhouse to the classic Frank Sinatra tune. Start spreading the blues! It’s New Yuck, New Yuck!

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