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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed my mother and I were meeting a tour bus for a trip we were taking. It was winter and the roads were icy. We pulled into a parking lot. The bus was there but it was too early to board. Driving a black Lincoln town car, I parked next to a faded red pickup with a trailer attached, but parked too close and couldn’t open my door. The driver gave me a dirty look so I backed up to try parking again. The car began sliding backwards. The brakes didn’t work and the car rolled backwards down into a swamp. Cold water came into the car and we screamed at the shock. What does this dream mean?

— Karen Phelps, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

When parking one’s car is difficult, there may be issues with finding your spot in life. Not being able to open a car door reveals a claustrophobic sense of being stuck in a situation. In this view, you are on slippery ground. At the heart of the dream is the realization you do not want to ride the bus. You would rather stay in your Lincoln Town Car even if it means going backward, retreating and getting stuck in muck. As such, you may wish to start over again. On a positive note, not being able to break reveals inner strength: You are unstoppable and unbreakable. The cold water is viewed as an intrusion of personal space but also as a necessary wakeup call.



In reality, before going to sleep, I had just watched “The Real Housewives of New York.” I dreamed of a bunch of chickens; each one had the face of a Housewife. They were clucking loudly, clawing and pecking each other in hurtful ways and it frightened me. Please decode this dream.

— Patty D., Manhattan

With the TV show as the dream trigger, the dream works through a fear of false friends, friends that are fowl and caught up in a certain pecking order which is distasteful to you. The dream worries over the prospect of being cooped up with those who would seek to harm you.



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