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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


In reality I am a new mother. I recently dreamed I was in a restaurant with my mother and family. The restaurant phone rang and my mother was called away from the table. She didn’t come back to the table and I feared that she had received terrible news. When I went to look for her, she avoided me saying she was busy taking care of things in the kitchen. Then she emerged with a very large tray of gleaming, fat, whole carrots. Please decode this dream.

— Danielle B., Manhattan, NY

In that becoming a new mother often triggers guilt feelings from having taken the role of mothering away from your own mother, there is often a need to work through this issue. Being in a restaurant with your mother reveals the need for emotional nurturing. Making your mother emotionally distant allows you to express your concern. Putting your mother back in the kitchen, and making her the bearer of very large trays of food reveals your need to reestablish her role as mother.



I dreamed it was nighttime. I was alone and homeless on the sidewalk in an urban city. I was lying close to the street and saw the bright lights of oncoming traffic. I only had a blanket covering me, but strangely I was not scared. I was feeling unprotected and vulnerable but I was strangely calm. What does this mean?

— Candice Ku, Palm Beach, Florida

Dreaming of being homeless reveals a strong need to go it alone. There is the wish to feel independent and not beholden to anyone. In this view, feelings of anxiety, weakness, vulnerability and/or defenselessness are worked through, embraced, and exchanged for feelings of immunity, strength and invulnerability. In another view, where there are no restrictive walls and the sky is your ceiling, freedom is prioritized.


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