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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed that I was inspired to paint a huge mural. There were many details. I painted and painted and it was looking pretty good, but at one point, I heard the mural whispering to me, so I leaned in closer and then it ate me. What could this possibly mean?

—Clair Padmos, St. George, Utah

Painting a mural reveals a retrospective wish to assess your life and its accompanying accomplishments. The details of color, shape and form are given in an attempt to evaluate the past and examine where you are headed. When someone is too involved in the details of a problem or situation, they tend not look at the whole picture. In this view, you may not see the forest for the trees. In another view, painting may represent an artistic side that has been neglected. There may be worries over being consumed by your creative desires.


In reality, I am an aunt and a great-aunt. I dreamed that my oldest niece changed the name of her oldest child, after the child was 5 years old or so. I was very upset by this and also thought it was a terrible new name that no one would understand. I didn’t understand why the young child would need to have people call her something else after she was known by her original name. I was ignored. Please decode this dream.

—Sofia Rodriguez, Fort Wayne, Ind.

It’s as Shakespeare asked: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In this view, the name is superficial and does not relate to or define the essence of the being. The inner spirit is what counts. That being said, the dream may reveal identity issues or a lack of self-knowledge. What is expressed is that some change has occurred over the years. As such, there may be a fear of no longer being understood.



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