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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed I walked into a spacious room filled with cardboard boxes of all sizes. Some were upright and others were on their sides with the top flaps open. I crawled into one of the smaller ones on its side and sat inside, kind of like a child hiding. But then the box felt smaller around me and I began to panic, thinking I would not be able to get out of the box. It was very frightening. Please decode this dream.

—Debbie M., Brooklyn

In dreams, rooms always define the sense of self. As such, the spaciousness of the room is self-referential: There is room for you to grow in. Yet, even though there is external awareness of spaciousness, there is an internal sense and/or need of being boxed in at this moment in time. There is a conflicted wish to remain in protective mode, cut off from your surroundings, alongside the need to extricate yourself from any present constriction.


In reality, both of my parents are gone now and neither of them had Alzheimer’s. Last night I dreamed that both of my parents were alive. My father had bad Alzheimer’s and didn’t know it, and my mother was running a hat shop (which she never did) and she was just beginning with the disease. What in the world does this mean, Lauren?

Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams

—Sally, Florida

Even though your deceased parents are alive in the dream, the wish for renewed communication with them is thwarted by their Alzheimer’s. For the most hurtful symptom of Alzheimer’s is the forgetting of loved ones. In this view, the dream reveals feelings of parental loss and abandonment. Running a hat shop reveals that your mother is engaged in covering heads. As such, one understands the symbolic significance: Consciousness is being covered over, especially as it relates to memory. Once again, the theme of being forgotten by your parents is being worked through.


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