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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed that I had been exposed to something toxic. I looked down at the front of my hands and saw little red dots on both of them, like a rash or the measles and was quite upset. I was trying to cover them with make-up base so no one would know but it wasn’t working well. I heard this had happened to someone else’s hands as well. Please decode this dream.

—Sue M., Queens, NY

Skin irritations represent emotional eruptions in life; they symbolize all the pent-up anger, jealousy or exasperation beneath the surface that needs to rise up, emerge and present itself. In this view, the rash on your hands reveals an inner rage breaking through the skin: It is an outburst minus the scream. But what is rash is the belief that it is better to cover up these feelings than expose them to the light of day. Grievances must be aired.


In reality, I have Lyme disease at present. I’ve been this recurring dream where I am on a road, the same road. I recognize the road, but I never get anywhere. I’m in the back seat being driven in a car but I never arrive at a destination. What does it mean?

— Catherine Petree, Manhattan, NY

Road dreams are all about reaching destinations. The dream repeats because you have not reached where you want, or need, to go at this moment in time: There is so much more ground to cover. The dream may refer to your Lyme disease. As such, you are on the proverbial road to recovery, and the road is long. Sitting in the back seat reveals two things: You are driven (filled with energy), but your hands are not on the wheel. In this view, control is an issue.



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