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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


In reality, I’ve been stressed for the last month. I’m better now and I dreamed I was at the OTB looking at horses about to race. I liked the long shot. He had won many races, so no one thought he could possibly win again. The minimum bet was $300. Not having enough cash, I asked my partner if I should use my credit card to make the bet. He said I should go for it. The man at the counter asked people who had already bet to move to the right. I was the only one in front of the ticket agent. I gave him my credit card but he said he didn’t want the card. He wanted me to have the ticket for free. I felt like I was given a free winning ticket. What does this mean?

— Cappucine B., Paris

In this self-affirmation dream, the horse is self-referential. In this view, the bet becomes a bet on yourself. As such, the dream confirms your inherent value and sense of self-worth. No matter what you’ve been through, you are a winner. But in order to win, you must engage, get out there and play the game. Most important is the advice received from your partner: Go for it. Even as the long shot, you’re out in front away from the other people. The credit card that is not taken reveals an awareness of having already paid your dues in life.


I recently dreamed I was going to play high school football as an adult, and when they asked me to go in, I couldn’t find the equipment I needed. Please decode this dream.

— Brian H., Katy, Texas

A poignant dream, this, filled with nostalgic longings and the wistful recognition that youth is irrecoverable: The goal post is forever behind you. There is an awareness that, as Thomas Wolfe once wrote, you can’t go home again.



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