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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


In reality, I will be divorcing soon. I dreamed I had finally convinced my new love interest to come and stay the weekend with me, when suddenly my security detail—in full force, secret service style—broke in, disrupting not the liaison, but the house, looking for someone, guns in hand, except there was no one, only him, and the chaos and noise disturbed him so much that he anxiously left. What does this mean?

Patricia K., Manhattan, New York

This divorce dream reveals the chaos and emotional disruption inherent in the splitting scenario. In this view, the house is self-referential. As such, your sense of security has been compromised. There is the anxious realization that you are alone, in need of someone to protect you. In another view, your heart is letting you know this new love interest is not the one. In other words, the security detail, symbolic of the super ego/conscience, doesn’t fancy this liaison.


My mother died angry, not accepting what was happening to her. Because I read that spirits of loved ones make contact through dreams, I expected her to pay me a visit this way. But as time passed, this idea receded from my mind. Several years after her death, I was dreaming something unrelated to her when she walked across my field of vision and then exited to the left. She didn’t look at me or speak and she still looked angry. It was like she put in an appearance to let me know she was there. Please decode this dream.

Meg C., St. Davids, Pennsylvania

Not all dreams of the deceased are love visitations. Most merely reveal the psyche working through the loss of a loved one. Watching your mother walk through the dream is either preparatory in nature—a dry run or walk through, if you will, of what will follow, or a tacit acknowledgement that your mother was always emotionally distant, on the periphery of your life. In this view, you are not yet ready to reconnect with your mother’s memory in a meaningful way.

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