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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed I walked back home from school and saw a baby almost suffocating in the back of a car in a netted pocket. It needed help. The dad came and took the terrified baby out to give it food, but the baby neglected it. I ran and told my parents and we went back to the baby. I took it from the pocket, but the father came and took him from my hands. I said he shouldn’t almost suffocate the baby so he put it on the ground. It tried walking to me but fell when the dad almost hit him. I took the baby home, while my parents dealt with the father. It was happy to be saved and wanted me near always. Please decode this dream.

— Natalie Alaniz, North Hollywood, Calif.

The dream is self-referential. As such, you are the baby that feels suffocated. In this view, saving the baby reveals the wish to save yourself from being stifled. For the unhappy baby in the back of the car indicates that you are not the one at the wheel, the one in control of the direction your life will take. So much is out of your hands. But when push comes to shove, there is recognition that you cannot go it alone: When the going gets rough, you must run back to the safety of your parents for the help you need.



I recently dreamed I was sitting on top of a glass desk and it shattered. I saw large pieces of broken glass. Is this a bad omen of things to come? Please let me know what it means.

— Rebecca Batman, Halifax, Nova Scotia

When glass breaks and shatters, there is always the fear of something coming apart in your life, such as a relationship, a dream or a specific lifestyle. The glass signifies the wish for transparency. The desk — as a symbol of the workplace — may signify worries over losing a job and hitting bottom.


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