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Singer denied entry to airport lounge because of her Ugg boots

A woman attempting to gain access to the Qantas Club airport lounge at Melbourne Airport was turned away because of her Ugg boots — and not because they’re hideous.

Joanne Catherall, a member of The Human League, a British synthpop band, tweeted that the Qantas lounge denied her access to the business class accommodations because the shoes are considered “sleepwear.”

“Denied access @Qantas business class lounge in @Melair Melbourne Airport apparently Ugg boots are deemed sleepwear by the lady working there although no problem in any of the other lounges so far,” Catherall tweeted. “Helpfully she suggested I go to one of the shops & purchase some shoes.”

Apparently the Australian airport denies people access to the lounges if they’re wearing all-weather footwear created by an Australian person.

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But Qantas does make their guidelines for proper lounge attire clear for passengers. Travel blogger The Points Guy says that signs are located in and around all Qantas Club lounges that customers must be in “smart casual dress” to enter the business class lounge. This means no “head-to-toe gymwear,” bathing suits, sleepwear or flip-flops.

The “no sleepwear” rule actually shows an illustration of what looks exactly like an Ugg boot and their website literally spells it out. “Sleepwear (including UGG Boots and slippers)” are “too casual or inappropriate.”

Catherall later pointed out that she was made aware of the stipulation after being denied access but still questioned the odd rule with a reasonable argument.

“Why would an @UGG boot I wear outdoors in all weathers be classed as sleepwear in @Qantas lounge but nowhere else that I have ever been on this earth?”

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Qantas tweeted back, simply, “we don’t accept them in our lounges as you can see on the dress-guidelines.”

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