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Rare orange snow fell over Eastern Europe

Sand storms from the Sahara Desert mixed with rain in the atmosphere that’s now falling as a blanket of orange snow across Eastern Europe.

Winter sports enthusiasts in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine were treated to a rare show over the weekend via a storm that traveled from Greece to Russia that was so big that it was seen from NASA space satellite imagery.

Rare weather patterns sent sand from the Sahara Desert eastward, blanketing parts of Eastern Europe in a layer of orange snow.

(Margarita Alshina/AP)

“The jet stream dipped southward across Europe and into northern Africa,” AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister said. “This caused the storm track to also be farther south with a series of storms crossing the Mediterranean Sea. When the storm then tracked into parts of Eastern Europe and Russia, snow falling from the storm contained the dust from Africa, leaving the orange color.”

The Athens Observatory called it one of the largest migrations of desert sand from the Sahara to Greece they’ve ever witnessed, with measured concentrations the highest recorded in the last 10 years.

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“We’re skiing on Mars today,” one social media user exclaimed in an Instagram video.

The otherworldly snowstorm happens about once every five years, according to the BBC.

It’s not the first time colored snow fell from the sky. Pollen-mixed yellow snow reportedly fell in Bethlehem, Pa., according to USA Today. Orange snow fell in Siberia in 2007, Darwin once spotted red snow in the Andes Mountains and pink snow piled up in Alma, Colo. in 1895.


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