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Plastic-wrapped coconuts are the latest ‘pointless packaging’

UK consumers are seeing red over a transparent snub of green marketing and eco-awareness.

What’s shaken shoppers are supermarket coconuts sealed in plastic, BBC News reports.

The wrapper on Genuine Coconut has been called “pointless packaging.”

And even a manager of a store selling the items for about $4 a pop described the wrapper as “daft.”

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Social media posters agreed. “If only nature could find a way to protect the coconut we could do away with the plastic,” tweeted @jcrfear.

But the company behind the Genuine Coconut, which comes wrapped and with a straw to drink from, defended the product.

The question on consumers’ minds: Why do coconuts need to be wrapped?

(Tom Wren/SWNS.com)

They noted that the wrap, which is protective and extends the coconuts’ shelf life, is recyclable film.

People remain skeptical about the packaging.

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A UK supermarket head told BBC that they’d “certainly be asking some questions about why we wrap coconuts in plastic.”

The coconut conundrum is an ongoing concern as people grapple with very real environmental concerns of plastic garbage.

Pre-peeled mandarins in plastic packagingwere removed from sale by Whole Foods Market in 2014 after a customer’s photo and tweet went viral.

In a July 2017,Newsweek reported that “to date, humans have junked 7 billion tons of plastic waste, only 9% of which has been recycled.

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“A total of 12% has been incinerated, and 79% ended up in landfills or the environment, particularly the ocean,” the report added.

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